• Potrero

    Potrero Redondo, NL

    Starting point of Matacanes

    This is the staring point of Matacanes, Hydrophobia, Chipitin and many more sites; we left the village as soon as the sun rose at 7:30 AM. Light breakfast and all the gear is provided by our guides, this is more than we expected! Ready for lots of fun in a long day.

  • Potrero

    Laguna de Sanchez path

    Path to Fun

    Walking on this mountains remind me many places except that we are son near Monterrey and its dry landscapes. This is so real, we have to walk for almost 2 hours to get to the river, we dont know what to expect, but what get us calm is the beautiful views this path has give us in the morning.

  • Potrero

    Matacanes, Mexico

    First Rappel

    We have to experience the water temperature and the first rappel on this point, this is very exciting! From this point we´ll keep wet until we get back to the 4x4 truck.

  • Potrero

    Upper Matacan

    Second Rappel

    This cave with underground river is simply spectacular, never saw anything so natural and so beautiful.

  • Potrero


    Feel de Air

    We got to the air many times, at first it was scary, but after a few jumps, we know that this is really safe and fun.

  • Potrero


    Lets Jump together!

    As many as 27 jumps is the count we made, but maybe it was more, so much fun for one long day...

  • Potrero

    Lower Matacan

    Second Cave

    Thing keep going better as we advance in the canyon, we have no words to describe this, come to Matacanes and have the adventure of your life!